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When entering Wild Rivers Nature Reserve, expect to be immersed in the vista of endless woodland and the majestic Drakensberg mountains that change colour as the day progresses. Meandering ever deeper into the Reserve, the secret rhythm of nature will envelope you and bring quiet to your soul. At the very end of the journey you will find the rivers that run free and wild. This is life as it is supposed to be…

Situated in the Greater Kruger Park Region, this scenic and pristine slice of exclusive African wilderness provides sanctuary those that seek an authentic and secluded lifestyle experience in nature. The vast 2,600-hectare reserve, bordered by both the Blyde and Olifants Rivers, boasts a diverse landscape with rocky outcrops and savanna where plains game and trail runners can roam freely together. 

Although elusive leopard wander in the shade of ancient trees and river banks are frequented by hippo and crocodiles, there are no “big five” animals on the reserve, allowing us to run without inhibition on the network of gravel roads and flowing single track.

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